Creativity + repetition = not as boring

So, I’ve been having chestnuts a lot lately in steamed chicken dishes. Tonight, it was MINCED chestnuts mixed with ground pork and slabbed into a huge meat patty :D

This dish….. is clearly a repetition that lacks some creativity. Nevertheless, it was still yummy.

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Lunch was leftover from last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast. I love leftovers because it’s almost no work meal :D

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Repetition is…. tedious

I had steamed chicken and carrots, per usual. But look at what’s in the middle: a meat patty (!!!) When repetition has become a routine, every little change counts, right? :)

My veggie Choy Sum today doesn’t have a nice hue as the other day. Hmm… it’s probably because I let the poor veggie sat there for several hours after it had been cooked before digging in.

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Nothin’ goes to waste!

I love the fruit pomelo, both the flesh and the grind, which is about an inch thick!

Though the flesh is mostly sweet with a bit of tart, the grind is actually bitter if eaten as is. The key to make the grind edible is by soaking it in water overnight to get rid of the bitter taste. Then it is best to prepare it with meat with a lot of water, allowing the grind, which has a sponge like texture, to soak up the broth. Something that usually ends up in the trash can actually tastes so delicious! This is prepared with carrots and ground pork, the fattier kind.
And pan fried salted fish is served on the side.

Food is the best therapy there is! :D

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I’m fruity and nuts!

I have a bit of grapes for snack in between of breakfast and lunch. I really like the crisp of the skin and it’s just sweet enough! 

For lunch, I had two steamed buns. I ate it like it were bagels: split it in half and added half of a banana and pecans pieces in each bun. It was dough-ie and slightly sweet with a nutty/crunch texture.
You’d think I’m nuts if I were to say I have some pine nuts for dessert, wouldn’t you?

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You should try some Choi Sum

Try some Choi Sum, it totally rhymes! :)
For breakfast today, I had a quick stir-fry chicken with carrots. The flavor is a tad more robust than the steaming version I had yesterday.

My green of the morning: Stir-fry Choy Sum with marinated pork. The vegetable was so tender, love it!

And I ate these with 1 1/2 bowl of steamed rice.

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I smell something fishy

I had two entrees for dinner tonight and both involved fish. So, how fishy is that?

The first is white melon cooked fish heads, carrots, and pork slices. I love the jelly like texture of the fish head and I just love sucking the fish oil out of the head. Yum Yum Yum. 

The second is pan fried salted fish. The crisp of the fish skin combined with the right amount of saltiness is just ah-mazing!

And I had a bowl of steamed rice.
Watercress broth on the side.

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The leftover

For breakfast, I had a sharing size portion of watercress & pork, and steamed chicken over carrots and chestnuts, only to share it with me, myself, and I. Oh, did I mention I also had a sharing size portion of steamed rice as well?

I ended up eating half of everything and saving the half for lunch.

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